In labor relations, as in any others, there is always enough space and reasons for a conflict to arise. If you do not take into account disputes arising in the course of work, then most often labor conflicts are connected with the emergence of irreconcilable contradictions between the employer and the employee, usually ending with the promise of the former to dismiss the latter. To achieve the desired result, to protect your rights and interests is possible only if you use the services of employment discrimination lawyers nyc.

A competent and experienced lawyer in resolving such conflicts can help you achieve justice and protect your interests. One cannot but take into account the fact that the very fact of applying to a lawyer can force the employer to change his position and satisfy the requirements of the employee.

A lawyer can provide you with assistance and support in the favorable resolution of labor conflicts and disagreements. The services of a labor lawyer include the following:

  1. Advice in oral or written form on labor law issues.
  2. Analysis and assessment of the situation in terms of the possibility of pre-trial settlement or the need to appeal to the courts.
  3. Preparation of a package of documents for pre-trial negotiations with the employer or for going to court.
  4. Performing representation functions in court, as well as in negotiations with trade unions, state bodies, labor commissions and other organizations.
  5. Supervision of enforcement proceedings after a court decision.

Labor Lawyer

In most cases, situations faced by labor law lawyers are related to requirements such as:

  • Restoration in the post and on the job.
  • Recovery of wages during absenteeism is not the fault of the employee.
  • Recovery of wages, including allowances and compensations, for one reason or another not paid by the employer.
  • Compensation for harm to health.
  • Appeal of the reasons and date of dismissal, the fact of disciplinary action.
  • Protecting the interests of employees on maternity leave or requiring special working conditions due to various circumstances.
  • Collection and preparation of evidence in favor of the fact that the employer in one way or another violated the provisions of labor law.

The lawyer will make every effort and ability to resolve the conflict between the employer and the employee, without bringing the case to court. Labor legislation clearly describes various legal measures, the application of which makes it possible to settle everything peacefully and at the same time satisfy the requirements and interests of the parties. A lawyer will be able to help in the best way possible to guarantee the resolution of a labor conflict, to ensure the achievement of an optimal result, while minimizing the severity of the consequences for one or another side of the dispute.

Compensation for injury, injury at work

Nowadays, jobs are usually created without taking into account labor safety requirements. The consequence of this was a significant increase in industrial injuries in recent years. Occupational accidents are investigated and accounted for: injuries resulting from bodily injuries to others, acute poisoning; heat stroke, burn; frostbite, drowning; electric shock; lightning; radiation, insect bites and reptiles; injuries caused by animals; Damage resulting from explosions, accidents, destruction of buildings, structures and structures, natural disasters and other emergency situations, entailing the need to transfer the employee to another job, temporary or permanent disability.

Compensation for harm to the victim includes:

  • payment of monetary amounts in the amount of earnings or the corresponding part thereof – depending on the degree of disability;
  • compensation for additional costs;
  • payment of a lump sum;
  • compensation for non-pecuniary damage.

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