If you are a startup, it is only natural to operate from a powerful startup hub like Berlin to have direct access to a pool of skilled talents, as well as be close to venture capital funds and other institutional investors. However, the costs of hiring and running a team in Berlin can be quite high, so many entrepreneurs are looking for IT outsourcing in Berlin. https://itsvit.com/ lists the reasons for Ukraine being one of the best choices for such an endeavor.

What would a startup require in order to be successful? A great idea, a team able to implement it and enough funding to promote the new product and pay the bill until the breakeven point is passed. The first is provided by the founders, the latter — by investors. It is the technical expertise that is quite hard for a startup to obtain and retain — as there always are shinier toys around, and once the talent loses interest in your product — they leave immediately.

To minimize this risk, as well as minimizing the office rent and salary expenses, many startups in Berlin prefer to work with IT outsourcing companies from Eastern Europe. This helps solve multiple challenges and brings forth various benefits:

  • Legally binding contractual obligations to deliver the project
  • English proficiency to avoid miscommunications
  • Overlapping time zones for seamless collaboration
  • Close business culture to ease interactions
  • Vast technical expertise to ensure high quality of the product
  • Polished workflows to reduce time-to-market

We will cover these points briefly below.

Legally binding contractual obligations

When working with an IT outsourcing company, a startup signs a bunch of legally binding papers — NDA, SLA, service agreement, etc. — that provide precise conditions and criteria of the work delivered. This protects both parties, as the startup has a written guarantee of product delivery, while the IT outsourcing company has a clearly defined scope of work and responsibilities. 

English proficiency

When an IT outsourcing company has to interact with multiple customers remotely, English becomes the best way of communication, so the team has to obtain English proficiency quickly. Ukrainian IT outsourcing specialists have good written and spoken English, ensuring they are able to understand your project requirements and feedback, implementing the features you need without any miscommunication.

Overlapping time zones

Time zones of Ukraine overlap with Berlin time, so your remote R&D team will work when you work, simplifying the project-related communication. More importantly, the team is located within 2 hours of flight, making it easy for you to come to them or for them to come to your office, should the need arise.

Close business culture

Both you and your contractors will be Christian and follow the Western business culture and calendar. This way the project will not be halted for reasons like various Muslim or Hindu festivities. You will also work using the same ethics of transparency and efficiency.

Vast technical expertise

Just as Berlin is the startup hub, many Ukrainian cities are IT outsourcing hubs, so software engineer communities there have accumulated vast volumes of knowledge and technical expertise regarding software architecture and IT infrastructure operations best practices. This will ensure good code quality of the resulting product.

Polished workflows

Dedicated teams at Ukrainian companies are used to working remotely with the US and EU customers. They will use the communication channel and issue tracking system of your choice, and they will provide timely reports on the tasks done. Besides, this approach means the teams know their routines and will work like a well-oiled mechanism, reducing the project time.

As you can see, IT outsourcing can be a great choice for a company in Berlin for a variety of reasons. The only challenge here is finding a reliable contractor. However, we are sure that by googling for the skills and services you need, by searching for customer reviews and looking at independent ratings you will be able to find a reliable IT outsourcing company for your startup.