The founder of a major analytical agency Tommy Lee is convinced that in 2022 one bitcoin will cost $ 25,000. The American is not intimidated by predictions made by pessimistic analysts. Tommy Lee recommends active trading.

Trade cryptocurrency without losses or disappointments

In 2010, a programmer from America made a very unprofitable deal. The guy traded 10,000 bitcoins for one single pizza. If he’d tame his appetite then, he’d own millions today. This story is a sad illustration of the wrong investment.

It’s hard to trade without basic knowledge in the market. Beginners are not familiar with tools such as the twelvedata API and many others. It is a guessing from the category “finger to sky”.  It looks like the exchange is a solid monolith. However, an attentive observer will see many interconnected instruments: charts, deals, orders, quotes. If you can not read financial reports as easily as interesting news in social networks, the exchange will absorb all efforts. Trading platforms make life easier for brokers. The information in the form of tables and charts gives you visual information. All a broker has to do is analyze it.

It is easy to say “analyze the market”, but how to find key indicators in the sea of figures? Numerous sites for beginners advise inexperienced traders to be “strong, smart and skillful”. Such recommendations are too vague. We will try to just tell you about the capricious cryptocurrency and methods of its taming. Specifics only, hardcore only.

Experienced brokers were newcomers as well

It is impossible to earn on cryptocurrency without different tools such as Javascript crypto api and other simpler or more complex options. Money has to be stored somewhere and constantly in “movement”.  For the capital to really work, a trader will need it:

  • A virtual wallet, or better, several at once;
  • Listing on exchanges and trading floors.

After creating wallets and registering on the sites the most interesting thing begins: the choice of investment strategy. You invest your money, and the benefit depends on how accurately you estimate the situation on the financial market. Reliable start – the use of proven sites. What are the ways of trading considered a modern classic?

  1. Purchase of portfolios of large funds. However, it is sold by a mixed set, and the exchange imposes a decent commission on all operations.
  2. The exchange of cryptocurrency directly between wallets. You find a trader and buy/sell him cryptocurrency without intermediaries. No commission, but no guarantees.
  3. Hybrid trading (exchange-broker-wallet) through exchange platforms. You choose the right space to implement your ideas and implement them.

ISO projects and investment funds

As everyone knows for a long time, absolutely anyone can create their own cryptocurrency. But its further value (conditional rate to real currency or other resources) depends on:

  • trading volumes and demand;
  • the amount of investment in the new coin;
  • promotion on exchanges and platforms.

Today there are a huge number of new projects, which initially have a good strategy for developing their own cryptocurrency. Developers often offer such revolutionary solutions as developing their own blockchain technology (i.e. creating altcoin by analogy with Ethereum) and various trading robots. In the second case, investors get access to software that can independently perform certain transactions or conduct analytics of exchanges and markets. But do not forget that investing in such projects always has a high level of risk.