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Automated Forex Trading is a fiscal technology solution provider proffering avant-garde resolutions for Forex traders. We deliver Forex charting and trading systems to go well with both entity and organizational patrons. Automated Forex Trading has amalgamated a nucleus assemblage of information technology experts with well experienced Forex traders and investment forecasters; in this manner we generate a well formed efficient team of dedicated Automated Forex experts.

We have earned an unbeatable reputation in this fiscal industry by continuing our boom for success while simultaneously proffering our clients with world class services and products. We utilize up to date know how, permitting for comprehensible and easy to use interfaces with highly developed charting tools aspired at formulating better quality trading systems. Automated Forex Trading formulates all endeavors to serve up both the retail and organizational sub division of the Forex community.

We are committed to proffer our esteemed customers with ground breaking foreign currency trading expertise, unbiased dealing observances, and first rate customer support service. We are also breaking new grounds when it comes to proffer our customers with the most up to date Automated Forex News, sophisticated forex charting and resourceful Forex edification. We are very eager to split with you some of the most forward looking info and stats on Automated Forex trading, the solitary most vibrant market place on the globe. We are here to cut risks out of people’s mind and to provide them with avant-garde technologies and tools to make the maximum out of the current forex market scenario.

Our goals and missions:

We eminently aim to become a one stop destination for all your forex, automated forex trading related needs and requirements. We also visualize becoming a leading name in the arena of service providers who proffer every tool necessary for competitive forex traders to maximally benefit from the fiscal market.

We have maintained our mission to make a common ‘lay’ man aware about the automated forex trading procedures and to proffer him / her, the latest gadgets and technologies so as to learn the intricacies an complexities of the forex market and to gain significant financial rewards from the market place.

If you are an individual who want to learn the fundamentals and basics of automated forex trading, then you have come to the right place. We will not only make you well acquainted with the basics but also proffer you a plethora of avant-garde tools and technologies to master the intricacies involved in forex trading.


The people behind Automated Forex Trading

Richard Newport,
Webmaster, Founder

Miguel Toros,
Forex Trading Consultant
Damen Wichker,
Regular Contributor